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Icinginks™ CANVAS TEXTURED Prime Edible Frosting Sheets FDA approved, Gluten, allergen free (8.5”X11") Pack - 6 sheets A4 size




6 Sheets

Per Pack
   In Stock
  • VISUALITY - The images printed on the canvas sheets give the illusion of depth, making a piece of art visually more realistic or the physical feel of something.
  • WHITE EDIBLE PAPER FOR CAKE AND COOKIES – The Icinginks cake frosting sheets are super white in color and comes with easy peel off back plastic packaging. Our blank icing sheets are compatible with all those edible printers that print edible paper. They are FDA compliant and Kosher.
  • MULTIPURPOSE DECORATIVE EDIBLE PRINTER PAPER – The sugar frosting sheet can be used for various kinds of cake decorations, cake toppers, cookies, chocolate covered Oreos, and other confectionary and bakery items. Picture quality remains intact.
  • EASY TO CUT FROSTING SHEETS – The Icinginks edible frosting sheets for cakes are super easy to cut in any shape. You can use a regular scissor, blade, or knife to cut the edible paper to the desired shape and size for decorating and topping cakes. They can also be used with silhouette and cricut cutters.
  • 1 PACK WITH 6 A4 BLANK CANVAS FROSTING SHEETS PRINTABLE AREA 8.5”X 11” – The pack of 1 Icinginks edible paper for printing and printer contains 6 edible papers for cake and cookies. It can print images with vibrant colors on an area of 8.5” x 11”.

All New Icinginks CANVAS TEXTURED Prime Edible Frosting Sheets. Bored of using old plain blank frosting sheets for edible images??? Now you can add the random texture to your edible images using Canvas frosting sheets to make edible images look a PORTRAIT or an ART. The images printed on the canvas sheets give the illusion of depth, making a piece of art visually more realistic or the physical feel of something — smooth, rough, fuzzy, slimy. The use of Canvas Texture sheets along with design of an actual image, can convey a variety of messages and emotions by creating a physical illusion which plays a leading role in the printing of an edible image. Imagine how kids will be fascinated to watch their favorite cartoon, movie characters printed on textured sheets giving them the feel of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs distinguished by its perceived visual and physical properties.

This pack includes 6 Prime Blank CANVAS TEXTURED Frosting sheets A4 size. Frosting sheets are mainly used in custom cake decoration, cake toppers, cookies, chocolate covered Oreos. Icing sheets has a smooth white texture surface which results in brilliant color prints when used with our edible ink .Each icing sheet is a very thin piece of flavorless icing, white in color with a plastic backing sheet which makes it easy to handle and pass through the printer. Place the frosting sheet in your edible printer just like normal paper, and print any edible image you desire using Icinginks™ edible ink. Once the sheet is printed let the frosting sheet dry for least 3-5 minutes. If the backing paper does not peel off easily, place the printed frosting sheet in a freezer for about 10 seconds or put it in an oven at low temperature for 1-2 minutes and then lay the icing sheet on top of your cake where it will absorb into the frosting leaving a seamless image on your cake.

Made of natural ingredients, these high quality frosting sheets are generally derived from tapioca or starches, with added sugar and gums. Our Frosting sheets are dairy, gluten, nut free, FDA Compliant and Kosher Parve.

Shelf Life           =  1-2 years if packed in tight zip lock bag

Size                   =  (8.5" X 11") A4 letter size

No. of Sheets    = 6 in one pack


  • Royce Thompson

    These sheets created a distinct look for my cookies and cakes. I got huge appreciation from my customers. I’ve used these canvas frosting sheets on fondant, chocolate, whipped cream, buttercream, and frozen cake surfaces. Super happy with my purchase – Highly recommend this to all the bake lovers!

  • Ivan Stanley

    Excellent blank frosting sheets! Thank you Icinginks for offering FDA-approved gluten and allergen-free edible sheets. They don’t tamper with the native taste of the ingredients used in the cookies or cupcakes like the cheap ones.

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