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Icinginks 120ml or 4OZ Edible Cleaner Bottle For Canon Cleaning Cartridges


Edible Cleaner

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Cleaning cartridges
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  • Icinginks edible cleaner bottle for canon edible cleaning comes in a bottle of 120ml or 4OZ. Compatible to use with all types of Canon printers compatibles with edible printing.
  • Lasts for 10-12 refills of any color cartridge as the same cleaner can refill all the 5 color cartridges. Fill empty cartridges with Icinginks Edible Cleaner Bottle and use it in the printer as a cleaning cartridge. The edible cleaning solution comes with 12 months of shelf life.
  • Specially formulated edible cleaner that quickly breaks down dried edible inks and restores blocked printer heads to life.
  • Safe to use with FDA compliant, Kosher, Gluten-free, Vegan, and allergen-free edible ink.
  • It helps to solve the poor printing problems, such as dull printing, poor colors, getting streak lines, or switching from another brand. Easy to use.

120ml Of Edible Cleaner - Now With An Easy Twist Design And Easy Access To Draw Up Ink Cleaner!

Icinginks Edible Cleaning Liquid is specifically formulated for cleaning the clogged printhead of edible printers. Icinginks Edible Cleaner consists of a food-grade edible cleaning solution that thoroughly cleans the printheads leaving behind any kind of clogs. The clogging of the printhead may result in dull printing, poor colors and it sometimes produces streaking lines. Although, we are using the best quality edible ink which reduces the chance to clog your printhead. But being a food coloring ink, it is more prone to clog the printhead than using the regular printer ink.

The edible inks are made from water-based food coloring includes sugar. If you leave the printer idle for too long with having edible ink cartridges installed in the printer, the liquid from the cartridges may evaporate slightly, leaving behind deposits that can crystallize and clog up your printer's print heads due to non-use of the machine. Using the printer daily or once in 2-3 days will keep the ink flowing through the printhead prevents from the clog.

If your printheads clog up due to non-use, follow two steps:

  1. Install the edible cleaning cartridges in your edible printer.
  2. Run a print-head cleaning cycle in your printer. To perform cleaning go to the LCD screen on the printer, Select (Setup) on HOME screen -> Go to maintenance > Click Cleaning.
  3. For severe clogging, you can fill an Icinginks cartridge with an Edible Cleaner solution and run a print head cleaning solution to push dry ink.
  4. The last method is the manual cleaning of the printhead by removing and flushing the printhead using an edible cleaner that is called the printhead flushing technique.

 Product Description

  • 120ml bottle of edible cleaning solution
  • Lasts 10-12 Injector refills with 12 months shelf life.
  • Specially formulated for edible inks, FDA approved, Kosher, Gluten-free, Vegan, and allergen-free.

Product Details

Model Cleaner-cartridges
(L x W x H) 6"x6"x6"
Weight 0.6lbs

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