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Icinginks Pre-Printed 2" inch U.S. Navy Edible Images Cupcake, Cookie Toppers - 15 Counts Per Frosting Sheet


Edible Image

1 sheet contains

15 Circles of 2"

Paper Used

Frosting Sheet
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  • The Pre-Printed U.S. Navy designs custom edible images are 2” printed on frosting sheets of size 8.5” X 11” (A4 size). The sheets are not pre-cut and you need to cut them by yourself either by a paper cutter or a pair of scissors.
  • One edible print has 15 pre printed circles of 2” inch size perfect for cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered oreos.
  • We use Icinginks Prime frosting sheets (not rice paper or thin frosting sheets) to ensure a high quality edible image. These edible sheets and edibe inks are all FDA approved, kosher and allergen free.
  • We can add any text you want us to add to your image at no extra charge. You will get the option of adding comments during the checkout. Please drop us a note in the comment section with the name or any other text you want on the images.

This item includes 15 uncut US navy designs cupcake/cookie toppers of 2" inch size printed on 8.5" x 11" size icing sheet. The Pre Printed edible images designs are printed on Icinginks Prime Edible Frosting Sheets with high quality Icinginks edible ink FDA approved, Kosher Parve.

Ingredients of Frosting Sheets: Water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol,glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil, acacia gum, polysorbate 80, vanilla, titanium dioxide, and citric acid.
These products contain no known allergens and are Gluten Free , Dairy free and are Vegan.

At Icinginks, we help you create surprises that make beautiful memories. We print custom edible images for customers. Our digital images are printed using our prime quality edible frosting sheets and our high-grade food coloring edible cartridges. Icinginks™ has made it very easy and convenient for the customers who do not want to indulge and print their own. Our pre-printed edible sheets delivers high quality edible print colors but it would not be as vibrant as you would expect from a photo picture printed using regular photo inks and ordinary paper because a frosting sheet has many uneven divots in it and they are printed using food colors inks which are less vibrant comparable to office printer inks.  Though we make assure you will still be happy with the high-quality end results of pre printed patterns. Icinginks brand has the best food color inks in the market.

Edible frosting sheets are super easy to use. A fun way to decorate a cake and it will look professionally made. Just peel the frosting sheet image from the backing and place it on a freshly frosted cake. The icing sheet will melt to the iced cake within about 30 minutes which will give cake the stunning paint effect or airbrushed directly to the cookies or cakes.

Frosting Sheets requires moisture to adhere. When using a fondant or other dry icings, you must dampen the surface you are applying the edible sheet to. The store bought cakes or buttercreams you should apply the image when the frosting is freshly applied, if not they can crust or dry and you must dampen the frosting prior to applying the sheet. For best results, you can spray a fine mist of water on the cake base or use piping gel from Wilton to adhere the icing sheet better. You may also use a white or light colored frosting where the sheets are to be placed this will ensure that the image colors are not washed out by a darker frosting color. Most of our customers they use corn starch , edible glue and piping gel as adhesive for edible images.

Instructions on how to use frosting sheets:

1.) Do not refrigerate or freeze the icing sheets.
2.) Keep your toppers in the bag it arrived in, store at room temperature & out of direct sunlight.
3.) Make sure to clean and dry your hands before handling the frosting sheets the wet hands can damage the sheet.
4.) The icing sheet has a plastic backing similar like a sticker that you will remove before applying the image to your cake.
5.) Take the image out of the bag, it should peel off easily – DO NOT FORCE IT MAY CRACK ! If it is sticking to the backing sheet, this is probably due to the temperature and humidity in the room.
6.) Use a blower type Hair dryer (or any other hot air supply) on the reverse side of the backing sheet on high hot for 30-40 seconds. After heating the backing sheet, let it cool down before attempting to remove the icing sheet. (the cooling process allows the icing sheet to stiffen)This method is very reliable and should solve your release problems.
7.) Another option is you may place the image in the freezer for a couple of minutes, after which the image will usually peel easily, you may have to repeat this process a few times, until image comes off, peel sheet before the image warms back up.
8.) Place the edible image on cake and gently smooth image from the inside out either with your DRY hand or a small roller. Finish decorating your cake.

Shelf Life of Printed Images: The edible images printed by Icinginks last for up to one year. Simply keep it lying flat, unrefrigerated, and sealed in the air-tight bag. These sheets will slowly melts when placed on a freshly frosted cake as it is made from icing.

Disclaimer: The characters, corporate logos, edible sports cupcake toppers you see on our website are the images that we get off of the Internet. We are not advertising to sell any of the characters. All of the charges are for the printing, edible paper, edible inks involved to print the edible images which will be used with food, bakery, and sweet treats. The images that we create are intended to be used to personalize your party or any other occasion. Our services and designs are only to be used for one time PERSONAL use and are NOT to be re-sold in any way or for any reason. We DO NOT claim the ownership over the characters or images used in our custom printed edible images, they belong to their respective copyright holders. All trademarks, service marks, brands, and logos used on our website are copyright property of their respective owners.


  • Jaydon Walker

    The custom edible images were perfect! Top-quality and beautiful color! These are perfect for cupcakes, cookies. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  • Gerald Bailey

    These are the best. The print quality is awesome. I brought this product the second time because of the good quality. I am running a bakery business so I usually look for these types of products so that we can use them on cookies and cupcakes.

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Model Icing-PP-USN
(L x W x H) 12"x11"x1"
Weight 1lbs

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