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Icinginks 2" Circles Custom Printed Edible Image Frosting Sheet, Comes in Size of 8.5" X 11” – A4 Size (Not Pre-cut)

Custom Print

Edible Image

1 sheet contains

15 Circles of 2"
In Stock
  • Ordering is quite simple and can be done from anywhere. To place an order of custom printed edible image frosting sheet, click on ‘Customize Now’, select ‘Upload Image’ and follow the next steps to successfully complete the order.
  • The personalized images are printed in 2” area and come on frosting sheets of size 8.5” X 11” (A4 size). The sheets are not pre-cut and you need to cut them by yourself either by a paper cutter or a pair of scissors.
  • Every frosting sheet comes with 15 circles of 2” radius. So you get 15 circled frosting sheets of the image sent by you.
  • We use only premium quality edible ink to print your image. Send us a digital copy of your picture and we will get it printed on the frosting sheet. For multiple images, contact us and we will get it done.
  • Besides printing the picture, we also add any text you want us to add to your image. Besides it, we can combine two pictures and provide any other picture editing service according to your requirement. Let us know and we will work on it.

Icinginks™ has made it very easy and convenient for the customers who do not want to indulge and print their own. Our custom prints service offers quality print colors and we do our best to reproduce the image in the same resolution and color that you give us. But as you know it is an edible printing and the image is printed with edible ink onto an edible surface, which may not produce the same bright colors as printing an image using photo inks and ordinary paper. Though we make assure you will still be happy with the high-quality end results that we will print for you. 

Any edible images printed at Icinginks are just for adding fun to your cakes. Images remain the property of their respective Copyright Holders. WE DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OVER COPYRIGHT AND LICENSED CHARACTERS OR TEXTS.

NOTE: Custom Printing requires 1-2 days to print.

In case of expedite shipping paid(Overnight, 2nd Day, 3 Day Air) on order. It will be printed and shipped same day for any order placed before 12:00 pm P.S.T else all expedite shipping order ships out next business day.

Shipping with flat or ground shipping method.

All orders are shipped from California, If your order is within California your order will be delivered in 2-4 business days after printing and all other zones (CST, MST, and EST) it may take 5-7 business days maximum with free ground shipping. We do have Saturday delivery as well as additional cost.

Disclaimer: The characters, corporate logos, edible sports cupcake toppers you see on our website are the images that we get off of the Internet. We are not advertising to sell any of the characters. All of the charges are for the printing, edible paper, edible inks involved to print the edible images which will be used with food, bakery, and sweet treats. The images that we create are intended to be used to personalize your party or any other occasion. Our services and designs are only to be used for one time PERSONAL use and are NOT to be re-sold in any way or for any reason. We DO NOT claim the ownership over the characters or images used in our custom printed edible images, they belong to their respective copyright holders. All trademarks, service marks, brands, and logos used on our website are copyright property of their respective owners.


  • Callen Wright

    This has made cake decoration super easy! I ordered this circle custom printed edible image frosting sheet to create cake toppers for my customers and they truly appreciate this. Thanks!

  • Archer Wilson

    These custom printed edible frosting sheets are awesome! I ordered this product to prepare cupcake toppers for a birthday party. Absolutely loved it over others I have tried before. Very nice quality custom printed edible images. Thanks, Icinginks!

  • Adrian Adey

    The ordering process is very easy and the team is very helpful. I ordered a few things more along with it and loved the service. Planning to order more soon.

  • George Terry

    Whether it’s creating a simple or complex cake decoration involving miniature floral designs, frosting sheets from Icinginks are always a great companion. Within minutes I can decorate cakes or cookies.

  • Hannah Miller

    These are really good, especially if you’re planning to print multiple images at a time. These edible sheets grasp the color real good and can also be peeled effortlessly.

  • Adamaris Ross

    This image frosting sheet with circles is perfect for creating personalized images on edibles. Icinginks’ image editing service comes with a great precision and they do it on time.

  • Smith

    Best custom printing service! I am very much satisfied with the Icinginks custom printed edible images. They are good in quality and are quite affordable. I would totally recommend them.

  • James

    I put an order of my baby for custom edible prints at Icinginks and I loved what they sent! These images were so adorable I had tears in my eyes!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts of 2 Inch Precut circle Frosting Sheets / Icing Sheets:

Ingredients:  modified starches (Distarch phosphate, Acetylated distarch adipate), maltodextrin, humectants (Glycerin), white
sugar, dextrose, stabilizer (Acacia gum, Microcrystalline cellulose, Xanthan gum), emulsifiers (Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate,
Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Sorbitan monostearate), acidity regulator (Citric acid), preservative (Potassium sorbate),
food color (Titanium dioxide), flavors,.

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