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ICINGINKS® Edible Printer Deluxe Package including Canon Pixma TS6320/TS8220/TS8320/TS702 Comes with Icinginks Edible Cartridges and frosting sheets

High Resolution

Edible Images

Edible Designing


Photo Cake

Edible Printer
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  • ICINGINKS® EDIBLE PRINTER DELUXE PACKAGE: This Cake edible image printer system includes Canon¹ PIXMA TS6320/TS8220/TS8320/TS702 (depending upon stock anyone out of the mentioned models will be sent out), 2 packs of 24 frosting sheets A4 8.5" x 11" (48 sheets),100 wafer sheets and an edible flush system kit, 2 sets of 5 edible refillable cartridges by Icinginks.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL WINDOWS & MAC CONNECTIVITY MODES: You can use the edible printer with both iOS and Windows laptops/computers. It can be connected to android, iPhone, and tablet using a wireless Wi-Fi connection. You can download the Canon print app from any app store to print directly through your smartphone as well.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL EDIBLE SHEETS: This edible printer inside the package is compatible with all edible sheets including frosting sheets (also called icing sheets, or sugar sheets), wafer sheets, or, rice paper, and chocolate transfer sheets.
  • COMPATIBLE PAPER SIZES: This machine accommodates edible paper of 4 x 6 Inches, 5 x 5 Inches, 5 x 7 Inches, 8 x 10 Inches, 8.5 x 11Inches, 8 x 14 Inches, U.S.#10 envelopes (4 1/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long), or any edible sheets of up to 8 x 14 Inches.
  • EASY-TO-SET-UP & USE: The All-In-One wireless printer is very easy to set up and use. Plus, it comes with an edible printing manual, edible images color settings (please follow this properly), lifetime technical support, and free images templates and editing. Everything you need is inside the package!
  • ICINGINKS SOFTWARE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Icinginks provides below following services:
    1. 90 Days Free Template Editing Software. The sky is your limit with Icinginks edible photo templates.

    2. Free LIFETIME photo editing software. This is worth more than your complete package.

    3. Edible printing manual. Now anyone can enjoy the edible printing process!

    4. Lifetime technical support. You can get our assistance over call or mails anytime through our Customer Service portal.
  • WARRANTY: The Icinginks Photo Cake Printer system comes with a 30 days refund policy and a 1-year warranty by Icinginks.

Icinginks Edible Image Deluxe Package – To Print Latest Best Quality High Resolution Edible Images. Turn Your Creative Imaginations into Sweet Art Edible Creations!

Getting the edible images printed from local bakeries or from any online store is quite expensive, nearly around $9 per sheet. To lower down the cost to $2-$3 per sheet of edible print we have discovered the new deluxe package which will offer you more edible prints. This edible printing system includes 2 sets of Icinginks edible ink cartridges, 2 sets of 24 edible frosting sheets, 100 wafer sheets and an edible flush system kit. The deluxe package edible printer includes everything you need to start with a home based cake business or professional level bakery with our user friendly Canon edible printer. If you don’t have an edible printing facility in your bakery, chances are you’re missing out on a huge client base. People love seeing their own pictures on cakes, cocktails, cookies and many other sweet treats.

Someone’s child is really into one particular superhero that no one can find because that was last year’s movie. Their disappointment is evident at their birthday party when you try to pass off a cake with just the colors of the superhero rather than the actual hero. Bakers and designers use an edible printer to transfer your photographs or any other paintings, images and pictures on cakes, cookies or other confectioneries for your and your kid’s delight.

Icinginks Deluxe Package Includes:

1 x Brand New Canon Pixma TS6320/TS8220/TS8320/TS702 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Photo Printer modified by Icinginks
2 x Icinginks Edible Ink Cartridge Compatible With PGI-280XL Black
2 x Icinginks Edible Ink Cartridge Compatible With CLI-281XL Black
2 x Icinginks Edible Ink Cartridge Compatible With CLI-281XL Yellow
2 x Icinginks Edible Ink Cartridge Compatible With CLI-281XL Cyan
2 x Icinginks Edible Ink Cartridge Compatible With CLI-281XL Magenta
2 x Icinginks Frosting sheets Regular A4 8.5" x 11" (48 sheets)
1 x Icinginks Edible Cleaning Flush Kit
1 x Icinginks Wafer paper A4 size 100 sheets 0.27mm
Edible Image designing Template studio Free
Lifetime Technical Support
1 Year replacement warranty and 30 days Refund policy

Icinginks brand is known for supplying high quality edible printing products. Our edible ink quality is best in the USA producing vivid, crisp and clear edible images. Most companies sell edible inks at lower prices on different marketplaces that tend to clog the printhead very often. The reason is that they are made from cheap quality raw materials and they do not properly follow the exact compositions to make the best suitable edible inks for the printers to accept. Initially they work great as the printhead is COMPLETELY NEW but slowly when they keep using their ink starts to accumulate and block the nozzles. Icinginks has worked hard and has performed several tests of their edible inks on different edible papers using Canon1 and Epson printers2 before finally releasing for the customers to work with more efficiency and less chances of Clog.

We strongly recommend using our brand ink only once you are finished with the initial set of edible ink cartridges that comes with our deluxe edible printer package. If you mix and use any other brand company ink, your printer may get clogged and in the worst case you might need to change the printhead. We will not be responsible for not having the good colors again once the nozzles are deeply clogged. It becomes really hard to clean them. Edible printers are completely different from ordinary laser or inkjet printers, and the cartridges these printers use are also not ordinary color. You should never use your home or office printer by changing the regular cartridges with edible ink cartridges that will cause contamination and are not safe to consume.

Our Edible inks, or food colorings, are made from a formulation of glycerin, water, preservatives, ethanol and consumption-safe food coloring. If not completely healthy, they are considered biodegradable and 100% safe for anyone without any particular allergies.

Our Icing sheets are remarkably known for the best quality edible paper in the market. They are Very White Icing Sheets, Easy Peel Off Back Plastic Packaging

FDA, Kosher Certified, Dry Instant, Smells Good, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, and Nut Free

Produces Deep Vibrant, Vivid Colors, Cuts Of Easily. Longer lasting more natural prints.

CAUTION: The edible printer should be kept dedicated for printing edible sheets and edible images only using edible inks. These cake printers should NOT be used interchangeably with regular inks as it can lead to contamination of the edible printed material and cause health/safety hazards. The edible inks which are mentioned only under Icinginks edible ink and cartridges are safe to consume and are intended to use with food printing. The purchase of this product comes with lifetime technical support and warranty by Icinginks. Some brand and product names, model numbers, pictures or logos featured on ICINGINKS.com, including but not limited to, Canon®, are the intellectual property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are in no way connected with, nor do they sponsor or endorse ICINGINKS, ICINGINKS.com, or any of the ICINGINKS products or services



  • Corey Akers

    Amazing buy! You get everything in one stop to create your own customized cake toppers. Very easy to set up. I strongly recommend this if you want to create edibles to your loved ones. I am very happy with the on time service.

  • Dustin Price

    This is the best printer package I bought from Icinginks. The functions of this printer are very easy to use. The best part is, I can connect this edible printer with my iOS phone and can take prints easily.

Product Details

Model Edible-Printer-deluxe
(L x W x H) 20"x20"x10"
Weight 23lbs

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