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Icinginks Edible Glue Jar - 2oz For Edible Images


Edible Glue



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  • It is easy to decorate cakes using this transparent edible glue. With edible flowers or sugarcraft glued to the cake, you can create a visually stunning cake! It is amazing how handy and useful an edible glue jar can be!

  • EDIBLE GLUE: The edible glue sticks to all edible surfaces for a longer period of time than cornstarch or piping gel. Icinginks edible glue is best for gluing paper flowers, sugarcraft, and other cake decoration items.

  • MULTIPURPOSE EDIBLE GLUE: Edible glue is miracle in a transparent jar. Each jar contains 2oz of food-grade glue that can be used to stick all sorts of cake decorations. This product works beautifully with icing sheets with edible images, fondant, or gum paste.

  • PREMIUM EDIBLE GLUE JAR: It is zero mess edible glue. It does not require any activation materials or solvents needed with this food-grade glue. Unlike other edible glues, Icinginks edible glue has no flavor and does not alter the taste of buttercream, marzipan, or anything else you decorate your cake with.

  • FAST DRYING FOOD SAFE GLUE: Food-safe glue by Icinginks makes it easier to achieve perfection. This edible adhesive dries quickly to build perfectly decorated cakes. You can enjoy your desserts without any concern because this glue is food safe.

  • INGREDIENTS IN EDIBLE GLUE: Made entirely with Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum, and distilled water, this best cake glue is food-grade. Vegan, eatable, and food-safe, this glue is manufactured in the United States. It is best used within six months to one year of manufacturing.

Icinginks edible glue is completely food-grade and crafted from strong adhesives combined with edible ingredients. This edible glue is also ready-to-use, unlike other edible glues that also require a solvent to work, such as water or alcohol.

Cake decorating becomes simple, from attaching sugar or fondant decorative items, wafer paper lace, gum paste decorations, or sticking chocolate flowers to fondant. You can also use this edible glue jar to adhere to icing sheets, wafer paper, edible images, or edible glitters to make your cake or baked confectionary more appealing.

The edible glue jar is specially blended for maximum performance. A food-grade paintbrush can be used to apply the edible glue to sweet treats. The edible glue can also be used to attach fondant to a cake board. This glue dries clear and does not impart any flavor.
When making gum paste flowers, this food-grade glue comes in handy. With this little miracle jar of edible glue, you can fix anything, including cupcake toppers and sugarcraft show-stoppers, with no hassle and no stress.

You will be able to show off the fantastic cake decoration with the help of edible glue as it is a great way to take your cake decorating to the next level. Cake decorating can be done with this edible glue, but you can also use it as non-toxic craft glue.

How To Use: Place the content under this tab “How It Works”

  1. To glue something, apply a tiny amount of edible glue. It may take a couple of seconds to dry.
  2. A few drops from the jar of glue can also be applied thinly with a paintbrush. It is recommended that you use this method when gluing edible images from icing sheets or wafer paper to cake or fondant.
  3. To adhere to edible images, always apply a thin layer of edible glue to your cake or desserts.

For example:

  1. You should spread glue first on the fondant before gluing an edible image on it. Apply a thin layer of glue to the entire fondant surface. Under the edible image where there is no glue, air bubbles can appear if any areas are missed.
  2. If you want to add an edible image directly to a cake, you should use icing sheets instead of wafer paper. Apply a thin layer of edible glue to a crusting buttercream surface with a clean, wide paintbrush. Stick the image to the edible glue.

Important Tips:

  1. Remember to apply just a tiny amount of glue on the desired edible surface.
  2. If you use too much edible glue it will make your edible confectionary slippery and will take longer to dry.
  3. Keep at room temperature, no need to refrigerate. Make sure to keep the lid on the glue when not in use to prevent the glue drying around the edges.


  • Lewis Anderson

    Best quality edible glue jar I’ve ever used! This edible glue dries cleanly and quickly and is flavorless. It helps you stick paper flowers, glitters, toppers easily. It holds the decorations firmly for longer hours. The seller shipped really fast. Thanks, Icinginks for the timely service.

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