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Icinginks Edible Glue Jar - 2oz For Edible Images


Edible Glue



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  • MULTIPURPOSE EDIBLE GLUE: This glue can be used to stick a variety of decorations in place including wafer paper, icing sheets, edible images, gumpaste, modelling paste, dragees and much more.
  • READY-TO-USE EDIBLE GLUE: No Solvent, or Activation Material is required it is Ready-To-Use Food-Grade Glue. Also, this Edible Food Glue is Flavorless, which means it Preserves the Natural Taste of The Food Ingredients you use.
  • ALL-IN-ONE EDIBLE ADHESIVE: This best edible glue helps you stick paper flowers, glitters, topper, or cupcakes easily. Unlike Cornstarch OR Piping Gel that Leaves the Surface after sometimes, this Edible Glue holds Everything Firmly for Longer hours.
  • QUICK DRY FOOD SAFE GLUE: Achieve Perfection in Less Time. Our edible adhesive dries clear and fast.
  • SAFE TO CONSUME: This Food Grade Adhesive Glue Is Food Safe, Edible, And Vegan. For the Best Outcomes, Use this Cake Glue Within 6 Months To 1 Year after the Manufacturing Date.
  • MADE IN USA: This Edible Glue is Made in The USA Under Strict Quality Control Keeping in Mind the Health and Safety of Consumers.

Icinginks 2oz Food Safe Glue for Gorgeous Cakes, Logo Cookies, Cupcake Toppers

You might have been awe-struck with the appearance of complex cake art at confectionery shops or watching over Pinterest or YouTube. Ever thought of what makes the expert confectioners succeed in weaving complex design elements together with no deviation or mistakes?

This made-in-USA Icinginks Edible Glue has got you covered!

What makes it the best edible glue in the industry?

When you use cornstarch OR piping gel as an adhesive the corner of the edible images lift up after some time. So, Icinginks has come up with this glue which is made of strong adhesive with edible materials. Also, unlike common edible glues that need water or alcohol as a solvent to work, it’s a ready-to-use edible glue for cakes or fondants.

Attaching creative edible art or decorations to cakes, constructing sugar models, fondant, wafer paper lace pieces, gum paste decorations, and small fondant pieces to fondant, chocolate, and a crusting buttercream – all become super easy. Precisely add cake glue to the frosting sheets, icing sheets, wafer paper, edible images, or edible glitters.

Icinginks Edible Glue is best suitable for sugarcraft and cake decorating purposes. It is blended to a perfect consistency to achieve the optimum performance. You can use any food-grade paintbrush to apply the edible glue to your sweet treats.

You can also use the edible glue to glue fondant to a cake board. This edible glue dries clear and is flavorless. This is great for gluing while making gumpaste flowers. From cupcake toppers to sugarcraft show-stoppers, whatever you need to fix, this little magic bottle of Edible Glue will hold all of your cake decorations securely in place with no mess and no fuss.

This is a great way to take your cake decorating to the next level, and you'll be able to show off the great effects that you can achieve with edible glue. As well as being great for cake decorating, this edible glue can also be used as non-toxic craft glue.

STORAGE: Keep at room temperature, no need to refrigerate. Make sure to keep the lid on the glue when not in use to prevent the glue drying around the edges.

INGREDIENTS: Food grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum, Distilled water


  • Lewis Anderson

    Best quality edible glue jar I’ve ever used! This edible glue dries cleanly and quickly and is flavorless. It helps you stick paper flowers, glitters, toppers easily. It holds the decorations firmly for longer hours. The seller shipped really fast. Thanks, Icinginks for the timely service.

Product Details

Model Edible-glue-2
(L x W x H) 6"x6"x6"
Weight 1lbs

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