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Harry Potter Cake


Captions From: @jamiecakesf

Confession... I’ve never watched Harry Potter until the commission of this cake. ????

I was told the birthday boy loved all things Harry Potter, especially Quidditch. Not having a clue what that was, I quickly looked to Google (while on the consultation call with the client) to find out. ????

While falling down the rabbit hole of all things Harry Potter, I became inspired by the artwork of @savvyjensenart for the design of the cake.

To bring the cake and artwork to life I created the Golden Snitch using silicone molds and @guittardchocolate. I carved the details of the Snitch into the chocolate and filled the grooves with @satin.ice fondant, then painted it gold with @sweetsticksau edible paints, and created golden wings using @icinginks gold Fabric Sheets.

Adding a bit of visual magic to the image, I made Harry’s cape and broom appear as though it was 2d using @satin.ice fondant. ?

From all the research put into the making of this cake, I came across the perfect Harry Potter quote of how one would describe my creative process...

"Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backward." — Draco Malfoy ????

. . .

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