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Caption From: @cakebydeserae

Guys.. I’ve finally made it. I made it to starting to ENJOY fondant covering. Do you even know how many tears I’ve shed over this stuff over the years. For anyone new out there to fondant.. just keep going! My work can use improvement still but literally the last few cakes I’ve covered in it )I think the last 3 I’ve done in a row) all made me happy! Some suggestions I’ve learned:
*use a good fondant! @renshawbaking is my absolute favvvv and I buy it on Amazon
*don’t over work the stuff!! Just kneed it enough to make it sorts soft and roll it out. Over working it causes it to pull more
*don’t wet your cake before putting it on. I found this is just extra work. There’s literally no need. Just drape it over and slowly work it down.
#thelittlemermaidcake #arielcake

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