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Icinginks Decorative Photo Frame Cake Silicone Mold 3.14” X 3.14" X 0.78" | Diamond Shape White Photo Frame Food Grade Silicone Mold



Food Grade Silicone


-40℃ to 230℃
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  • HIGH-QUALITY PICTURE FRAME SILICONE CAKE MOLD: This Cake Mold Sizes 3.14” X 3.14" X 0.78" European-Style Designed With Vintage Curlicues. This Exquisite And Elegant Silicone Picture Frame Cake Mold Is Perfect For Personalizing Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Cake Topper Designs with a Photo Of Your Choice.
  • SAFE ON HEALTH: Our Decorative Silicone Molds Are Made Up Of Food-Grade Non-Stick Silicone Material. The Surface Doesn’t Support Microbiological Growth And Is Non-Reactive Towards Oxygen, Ozone, And Ultraviolet (UV) Rays, Which Helps You Get The Pure Nutritional Value.
  • DURABLE SILICONE ICING MOLD: The Silicone Used In The Icing Molds Have A High-Tensile Strength That Makes It Durable And Reusable. Neither it develops stretch or scar under normal conditions nor does it break easily.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: These Fondant Icing Molds Have The Ability To Resist High And Low Temperature Resistance Ranging From -40℃ to 230℃. Also, They Can Be Used In Oven, Refrigerator, Etc. All Of Our Molds Have Passed A Rigorous Testing Process, 100% Safe To Use.
  • EASY TO USE: Just Pour The Ingredients In The Resin Picture Frame Mold And Wait Until It Is Completely Formed, Easy To Scoop Out And Clean. Your Piece Comes Out Of The Mold Easily, No Sticking, No Tearing While The Mold Maintains Its Shape.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CAKE TOPPER MOLD: Ideal For Using With A Range Of Edible And Non-Edible Materials. This Mold Can Be Used For Fondant, Sugar, Candy, Chocolate, Butter, Cream Cheese Mints. It Is Also Perfect For Non Food Mold Making – Resin, Wax, Clay, Polymer Clay, Soap, Cold Porcelain, But Recommending Not To Use The Same Mold With Food.
  • EASY CLEANING: Handwash Silicone Photo Frame Mold with Hot Soapy Water Although Silicone Mold Is 100% Dishwasher Safe.

Getting professional-looking fondant designs for cakes has never been this easier. This European-style designed eco-friendly Photo Frame Cake Silicone Mold with vintage curlicues is a must-have confectioner tool for bakers or a kitchen accessory for cake lovers with a sweet tooth.

Our decorative silicone molds can trigger the appetite of your guests. This photo frame cake border mold helps you personalize the cake decoration as well. Inside the vintage curlicues (3.14” X 3.14" X 0.78"), there is a nearly circular frame for a photo. Take a photo on a blank frosting sheet or a lovely message using an edible printer and place it inside the frame.

Why we opted for food-grade silicone as the principal material in the making of our edible molds?  Health of our consumers is of prime importance to us. Our food-grade silicone does not support microbiological growth, which means your baked items carry the goodness for health. Resistance towards microbes is important because the food ingredients used in the fondants are sweet and have moisture – both make an ideal condition for the microbial growth. Silicone is resistant to oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) light as well. This non-reactivity doubles the food-safety level.

Silicone has great thermal stability for fondant, sugar, candy, chocolate, butter, cream cheese mints, etc. It also perfect for non-food mold making – resin, wax, clay, polymer clay, soap, cold porcelain, but recommending not to use the same mold with food.

Photo Frame Silicone Cake Mold Specifications

  • Size: 3.14 X 3.14 X 0.78 inches
  • Color: White
  • Material: Eco-friendly Food Grade Silicone
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Style: Frame
  • Temperature: -40? to 230?

Why to use Icinginks Cake Silicone Mold?
1. Use of Food Grade Silicone material enables our fondant cake molds to retain the nutrition value of food ingredients
2. Heat resistance of our molds for cake in the range -40? to 230?, means you can bake a wide range of fondants
3. Anyone can be an artist now. Just pour the fondant ingredients in the mold and take it out once it has hardened.
4. Save time with this mold for cake. Within few minutes, the designer fondant is ready for use.
5. Vintage curlicues design makes our cake decorating molds ideal for birthday, anniversary, wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other occasions.

How To Use
1. Prepare your fondant mixing your ingredients well.
2. Just pour the ingredients in the silicone baking mold.
3. Place the mold in a microwave, refrigerator, oven, fridge, and wait until it solidifies taking the shape of the mold.
4. Gently scoop out your fondant from the mold and clean. The smooth non-stick interior of the cake border molds makes removal super easy.

How To Clean
Use hot soapy water to clean the silicone mold. Hot water dissolves all the residuals into it nicely and quickly and helps you get the cake molding tool in a condition you will love to reuse.
Due to the non-stick surface, it is easy to clean. Although the silicone mold is 100 percent dishwasher safe, for extended life hand wash is recommended.

Using Picture Frame Edible Mold Care Instructions: 4 Things to Mind

1. Washing the Silicone Mold: Wash the cake silicone mold in warm and soapy water before first use and after each use. The hygiene practice helps you maintain the brand-new look of your edible mold.
2. Rinse and Dry Completely: Rinsing helps you not just clean the cake decoration mold but also remove any soap residuals. Perform it under a running tap or in dishwater. Do not miss to dry the mold completely.
3. Do Not Use Sharp Objects: Sharp objects like knives may cause scratches or marks on the mold surface. The rough or irregular surface affects the fondant design and the overall decoration.
4. Keep Away from Fire or Flame: Silicone is a polymer. Extreme thermal conditions beyond the recommended threshold (-40? to 230?) may distort its structure and affect its durability and quality.


  • Tom Williams

    I love baking and always wanted to have a silicone mold for my cakes. This high quality picture frame cake mold is the best one available in the market and at a very affordable price. I am really enjoying my baking time with this mold.

  • James Williams

    This Photo frame cake silicone mold is a nice touch for personalized cakes and treats! It's easy to use. My daughter has been going crazy with her creative juices with this frame! Thanks, Icinginks.

  • Colin Akerley

    I’m a first timer and used the mould for a theme party. I think the best part of using the mould was how easily the design came out. No need to put any extra flour or oil. The fine detail was super good, exactly as shown in the picture. Loved the outcome.

Product Details

Model Picture-Mold
(L x W x H) 4"x4"x1"
Weight 1lbs

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