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Icinginks Cake and Cookies Airbrush Kit with Mini Compressor, Portable Airbrush gun for Cake Decoration Cookie Coloring

5 Speed


Nozzle Dia


Cup Capacity

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  • MULTI-PURPOSEUSE: This Airbrush gun not just helps bakers and cake lovers at home, but also artists and beauty experts who want to innovate their artistic works including model painting, tattoo art, makeup, idol painting, automotive graphics, nail art, etc. BUT we strongly recommend keep the airbrush kits de dicated for cake spraying only if once used with edible airbrush colors to avoid contamination with mixing with tattoo inks or nail art inks.
  • HIGH-QUALITY AIRBRUSH GUN: The airbrush gun easily withstands the pressure 16-19 PSI (Pound-Force Per Square Inch) created inside. The operating mechanism is so swift that you get uninterrupted spray to create border, pattern, or special effects as per your requirements.
  • EASY TO HANDLE: It has an elegant ergonomic design that is easy to handle. This One-Handed Airbrush can be used for fine line detail spray and overall spray. It's ideal for Cookies, cakes decorating, food coloring, Beauty makeup, moisturizer Nails art, Body art, Hobbies, crafts, auto graphics, , tattoo, fine art, and much more.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH A RANGE OF EDIBLE SURFACES: The air spray pressure gun for confectioners delivers the right amount and consistency of edible color spray that suits a variety of edible surfaces including cake, gumpaste, sugar paste, fondant, piping, icing, and isomalt.
  • EASY CLEANING: Clean-Up your Cake Airbrush easily. It is as simple as spraying your color. fill hot water in the cup and spray it out. Repeat the process two or three times, wipe the nozzle with tissue paper and let it dry.


Now nothing can come between you and your edible art imagination. Using this airbrush gun for cake design, take your edible design to the next level.

This highly efficient cake decorating tool helps you customize your cake toppers in so many ways that were beyond imagination so far. Birthday, anniversary, baby shower, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, or any other day that you want to make special – no matter what the occasion and theme is – you can leverage the edible technology from Icinginks to celebrate your day with family or friends.

The Airbrush gun spray for cakes takes away the challenges of low or high viscosity and consistency that was common with an edible paintbrush.  Now anyone can use edible colors to create sophisticated designs.  Use a single color or create a cocktail of color mixing different shades - the choice is yours. The precision of the jet is such that you can create cake border, fill out any design space, and create intricately detailed patterns and designs. Using the Icinginks spray gun kit for baking art, you can write a textual message matching the party theme. Apply edible paints in a hand-free manner or use a stencil – as per your flexibility. The compressor airbrush pushes the edible color efficiently to a distance as long as 145 mm. The proximity gives you more control on the ink and design.

How to Use the Airbrush Gun

Fill the fluid in the cup appropriately, and hold the airbrush gun backward gradually to spray.

Health Safety Norms

Keep separate airbrush guns for your edible and non-edible artworks. Non-food-grade edible colors may be hazardous for your health, and using the same airbrush gun can unknowingly lead to any unpleasant situation. Do not take a risk.

Use only FDA-approved edible paints in your spray gun.


  • Gavin Baker

    Wonderful airbrush kit! The kit included detailed instructions on use and cleaning. The product looks very sturdy. Soon I will be using the item for decorating baked goods for my family and friends.

  • Archer Wilson

    I’m very happy with this purchase. This cake airbrush gun is very helpful in cake decoration and saves tons of time! It’s very helpful to decorate the cake for parties especially. If you’re planning to use it, don’t forget to clean it properly after each use to avoid clogging the nozzle. Highly recommend it

  • Markus Davis

    This Airbrush is great for anyone that wants to get into airbrushing. It's affordable and works as expected. The compressor's pretty light weight so won't strain your wrist while airbrushing and the noise it makes is not too loud. It makes cake decorating super cool! Thanks, Icinginks!

Product Details

Model Airbrush-basic
(L x W x H) 5"x4"x3"
Weight 2lbs

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