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How to use edible cleaning cartridges?

Jun 24,2024    Icinginks    Back [email protected]

As for how to use cleaning cartridges, the best way to use the cleaning cartridges is after every project. Do not let the printer sit with the regular cartridges unused for more than 5-7 days. The ink will sit there, solidify, and then cause clogs which are a hassle to clean up.

The best practice is when you know after any of your printing projects are over, you are not going to use the printer for 10 days or a few months.
1. Remove the edible colored cartridges.
2. Put the black sealing clips on the cartridges that originally came with the edible cartridges. If you have lost them no problem you can remove them from your cleaning edible ink cartridges and install them on your colored edible cartridges.
3. After putting up the black sealing clip on all the edible cartridges store them in a tight seal zip lock bag while they are not in use.

4. Insert the edible cleaning cartridges in the printer.
5. Go to the LCD screen on the printer, Select  (Setup) on HOME screen -> Go to maintenance > Click Cleaning.
6. Perform cleaning once when it's done turn off the printer.
7. You can leave the cleaning cartridges in the printer until your next project, this will help maintain the life of the print heads and secure your investment.

Now when you are going to use the printer again for edible images. Perform the cleaning again using the cleaning cartridges. To use the cleaning feature Go to the LCD screen on the printer Click gears or setting Button -> Click Setup -> go to maintenance -> Click cleaning once to make sure it's very clean. Using a regular sheet of paper, print anything with the cleaning cartridges installed to see if most of the ink has faded. It won't be perfect, but as long as most of the ink is out, its good to go.

Now take out cleaning edible ink cartridges and install edible cartridges for printing.