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Edible Sheets

Edible Frosting Sheets

Edible paper or sugar sheets is an incredible medium in cake decoration. You can create your own photo cakes by printing edible paper using Icinginks™ edible ink and edible printer. The printed Edible Frosting Sheets is placed over your cake and the moisture from the icing dissolves the paper, causing the image to sink into the frosting. Edible Frosting Sheets can be safely consumed by people as it has no noticing taste or texture. Icinginks™ offers a variety of edible papers varies with size, colors and thicknesses. Edible papers are printed with edible cake printers using food grade edible ink to create beautiful personalized cakes , flowers, toppers, cupcakes, pizza's

Icinginks™ carries a best quality edible paper which meets the regulations of FDA . Our Edible Frosting Sheets, wafer sheets and other papers are an allergen, gluten and nut free. An edible paper is classically made from rice, potato, glycerine, other starches. Our frosting sheets texture is much softer and produces very vibrant colors when printed with Icinginks™ edible ink.

Edible papers can be applied to all types of cake toppers, cupcakes, cookies , chocolate candies, apple candy, fondant, royal icing etc. We recommend to use edible paper within 1 year but it can last up to 2 years on the shelf from the date of manufacture when properly sealed in zip lock bag. Refrigeration is not required they can be stored at room temperature in a dry place.

Different categories of Edible paper.
1.) Edible Frosting Sheets , Edible circles sheet, Edible Icing sheets or Sugar sheets
2.) Wafer paper, Rice paper
3.) Chocolate Transfer sheets

Edible Sheets : Categories