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Edible Printers

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Are you looking for a new edible image printer package? Icinginks™ has got a variety of Edible Printers to personalize your cake from beginner to professional level. We have got the best photo cake edible printers at 50% low prices than the market. Our edible image printer bundle packages are very economical which includes one pack of edible cartridges, one pack of edible paper (Optional) and brand new Canon / Epson printer which is modified with advanced settings to make it best use for edible printing. With edible printers, you can personalize your cake using any design that you need on your cake.

We recommend you to keep the Edible Printers dedicated for cake printing purposes only. As using the same printer with regular ink, it may cause contamination.  To increase the life of your print heads, make sure you clean the print heads on a regular interval of time.

These Edible Printers can be used with following types of edible transfer sheets:

Frosting Sheets, Wafer Paper, Icing Sheets, Chocolate Transfer Sheets .These printed edible images are applied on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, royal icings, buttercream, whipped cream , fondants etc.

We carry various types of Edible Printers: 

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