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Chocolate Transfers

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate Transfer Sheets (also known as Choco-Transfer or acetate sheets) is a fun and creative way to transfer color images to chocolate.Turn your chocolate candy, pieces, chips into a masterpiece and create professional looking desserts with Icinginks chocolate transfer sheets. These Chocolate Transfer Sheets are transparent acetate sheets which are composed of an edible layer made from cocoa butter with a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar. You can use these transfer sheets with magnetic chocolate molds, silicone,3D, polycarbonate molds, etc. Our Chocolate Transfer Sheets are fed into edible ink printers which are equipped with edible ink cartridges to print your digital images on them. You will be printing to the laminated side of the transfer sheet. Get your image on your PC ready for print, and change the print settings so that you print the "mirror image to the transfer sheet with your edible inks.

There are two ways to use them -
1.) You can insert the printed sheets into a chocolate mold for making special pre-molded chocolate shapes.
2.) Simply spread melted chocolate on the printed transfer sheet, the design transfers to the chocolate as it cools and hardens producing a lovely visual effect.

Various Sizes of Chocolate Transfer Sheets that Icinginks sells -

1.) 8.5 X 11 Regular A4 size.
2.) Bon Bon sizes which are 11" X 5" and 11" X 7" basically these are used with Chocolate Molds.

Important Instructions -

1.) You should only use these Sheets with Canon Edible Printer only for your edible ink printing. Epson and Brother printers are unable to grab on these sheets, thereby unable to feed them through the printer. The reason is because these sheets are slippery, like a transparency sheet, and Epson printers are not great at being able to feed slippery sheets of paper.

2.) Best Temperature for it:
28°C-33°C (Temperature of Melted Chocolate to be applied to the sheets)
23°C-28°C (Temperature of Workbench)

3.) These sheets are made with cocoa butter, which can melt in hot temperatures, especially during very hot summer months. We highly recommend the purchase of one unit "Keep It Cool" packaging for protection.

Instructions For Storing-
1. Store your unused Chocolate Transfer Sheets in a cool dry place.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight.
3. Handle gently - do not stress or bend the sheets.
5. Do not freeze.

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