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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is Edible Printing?
Answer : Edible Printing is the process of creating pre-printed images with edible food colors onto various confectionery products such as cookies, cakes, or pastries. Designs made with edible ink can either be pre-printed or created with an edible printer, a specialty device which transfers an image onto a thin edible frosting , wafer paper and chocolate transfer sheets. Beginners can purchase our basic edible printing bundle system which includes edible printer, edible cartridges and edible paper to start with edible printing.
Q.2) What are Frosting sheets?
Answer – Edible paper (also known as frosting sheets, sugar sheets or icing sheets) are layers of icing which are pressed thinly onto plastic backing sheets. They are quite a flexible material, and much less transparent, but can be a little fragile when peeling. Frosting sheets are edible sheets designed to decorate your cakes with your pictures. To print the pictures on frosting sheets you would need the edible printer and edible ink cartridges which will transfer your photos on these frosting sheets. You can purchase our edible printing bundle system which is a beginner package for decorating your cakes. Ingredients are generally derived from tapioca or starches, with added sugar and gums. Frosting sheets can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, fondant etc. It will last up to 1 year on the shelf from the date of manufacture when properly sealed in zip lock bag. Refrigeration is not required they can be stored at room temperature in the dry place. Our frosting sheets are capable of border less printing as we make full sized sheets without any cut on sides.
Q.3) Are Edible Papers FDA compliant?
Answer – Yes they are FDA compliant and Kosher.
Q.4) What are the different sizes of Frosting sheet?
Answer- Frosting sheets comes in regular A4 , A3 and pre-cut circular sizes. Our top selling frosting sheets are the regular A4 8.5 X 11 blank sheets. They can be cut into different shapes according to your requirements and size. Shapes can be cut out either by hand using food-safe shears, or using food-safe punches For pre-cut circular sizes below are the available sizes. These are basically used for cupcakes and cookies
1.) 1.25 inch circles (48 circles per sheet)
2.) 1.5 inch circles (30 circles per sheet)
3.) 2.0 inch circles (15 circles per sheet)
4.) 2.5 inch circles (12 circles per sheet)
5.) 3.0 inch circles (6 circles per sheet)
6.) 8.0 inch circles (1 circle per sheet)
7.) 2.5 x 3 inch rectangular business cards (8 per sheet) We will provide you templates and software to use our Pre-cut range frosting sheets.
Q.5) What does the Frosting sheet taste like?
Answer: The Frosting sheets have no noticeable taste.
Q.6) How to use Frosting sheets?
Answer: Do not remove the plastic backing prior to printing. Place the frosting sheet into the printer with the frosting side up. Once the sheet is printed keep that in room temperature to dry for 5-15 minutes.
a.) Bake your cakes, cupcakes or pie and allow it to cool. Smoothen the surface of your cake; Peel off the transparent film from the backside of the sugar sheet.
b.) To release the image from the backing sheet, simply hold the corners (image facing up) and roll across the sharp edge of a table top, slowly working in from all sides toward the center.
c.) When the image is placed onto the iced cake, ensure the icing is still moist or sticky. It is this moisture in the icing that will ensure the image blends with the cake. Gently smooth image on to the cake surface with your hand to remove air bubbles.

For best results it is ideal if the top of the cake is relatively smooth. Below are the methods to remove backing sheets easily –

a) Use a blower type Hair dryer (or any other hot air supply) on the reverse side of the backing sheet on high hot for 30-40 seconds. After heating the backing sheet, let it cool down before attempting to remove the icing sheet. (the cooling process allows the icing sheet to stiffen)This method is very reliable and should solve your release problems.
b) Place in a warm dry oven at a low temperature, for about 1-2 minutes, or lay the sheet on a warm pan for a minute or two. As in the previous method, let the backing sheet cool down before attempting to remove the icing sheet.
Q.7) Will the printed frosting sheet meld onto fondant or icing that has set for a day or more?
Answer : If the icing on the cake appears dry, apply a fine mist of water to the cake before applying the printed frosting sheet. This may be achieved by spraying a fine mist of water on the cake, or by using a basting brush.
Q.8) What if the frosting sheets are too dry and brittle?
Answer : If the frosting sheets are dry and brittle they have dried out too much. This is usually caused by your current room temperature or a faulty zip-lock bag, or failure to close the zip lock bag after removing an icing sheet. To re-hydrate the icing sheets they may be sprayed with a fine mist of water, using an airbrush, or any other water misting device. They will become moist again, and you may have to wait a few minutes for them to dry back to a usable condition.
a) You can also bring moisture back into the icing sheets by holding them over a pot of steaming water for a few seconds.
b) Seal the frosting sheet in a zip-loc bag and place it in a humid environment like the refrigerator for 30-40 seconds.
c) Do not place brittle icing sheets into a printer. They will break off during printing and cause a paper jam in the printer
Q.9 ) How to Store Frosting Sheets ?
Answer : Frosting sheets should be stored tightly sealed in a heavy zip-loc bag to prevent them from drying out. Store flat out of direct light. Frosting sheets do not need to be refrigerated. They have a shelf life of one year.
a) Keep your frosting sheets in its bag until you are ready to use it.
b) Keep frosting sheets flat and don't put anything on top of it to risk spoiling it.
c) Keep frosting sheets out of direct sunlight or the colors may fade.
Q.10 ) Which brand printers are compatible to use with chocolate transfer sheets?
Answer : We highly recommend to use Canon edible printers to use with chocolate transfer sheets. Epson and Brother printers are unable to grab on these sheets, thereby unable to feed them through the printer. The reason is because these sheets are slippery, like a transparency sheet, and Epson printers are not great at being able to feed slippery sheets of paper.
Q.11 ) What is the difference between Frosting Sheets and Wafer Paper ?
Answer : Wafer paper is made using potato starch and vegetable oil. It remains thin and sturdy, and is about 8 x 11 inches. Wafer paper is translucent and ideal to use for airbrushing, cake toppers , printing bold and organic shapes with little details such as flower wallpaper, leaves, feathers, clip arts and geometrical shapes. It can be cut using a pair of scissors, as well as a die cut machine, and anything in between. Frosting sheet, on the other hand, is made of corn starch and sugar. Every sheet of 8.5 x 11 inches is little thick and fragile. Frosting sheets are pure white, smooth texture best suitable for edible images. They have an edge over wafer sheets in terms for printing cake prints or edible pictures. The picture printed on frosting sheets is vivid, bright colors and on wafer sheets it is dull. Though, frosting sheets are not rigit as wafer paper but still you can cut with scissors.